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Clothing Drying Rack System

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The Laundranet story

  The Laundranet was invented by David and Terrie Knell in 2012 to address the needs of air drying hand washed clothing in the home.  Most drying racks are bulky when set up and challenging to store when not being used. The Laundranet, with a fully issued utility and design patent, solves this problem by permanently attaching our retractable drying rack horizontally to your

 wall above the washer/dryer or from two similar opposing walls. Simply pull out webbing and attach to the opposite wall to dry your fragile, hand washable clothing including sweaters that need to be dried flat.  

About the owners

  David and Terrie are both creative inventors for many years, with the Laundranet being their first patented product. They connected with David Lieberstein in early 2016 to consult on licensing. David Lieberstein has over 40 years of experience in the housewares industry, having founded a number of companies including Wine Things Unlimited, which exhibited many times over the years at the IHA show. David L presented the Laundranet to key large potential licensees at the IHA show in 2016 with great interest expressed. Ultimately, it was clear that taking on one product was challenging for the large houseware companies. David and Terrie Knell decided to move forward to launch their own company with David Lieberstein as an equity partner with Laundranet, Inc. The product is now ready to produce with a full working prototype from the overseas factory. Preorders are now being accepted with projected shipping date of May 1, 2019     

Accepting Preorders Now

If you would like to place an order to ship as ready in early summer, please use our shopping cart for retail orders. If you are interested in wholesale orders for your store, please email us at

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