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Retractable Clothes Drying Rack


This is the best solution for all your delicate and hand washable clothes drying rack needs. A U.S. Patented drying system that actually solves your foldable drying racks frustrations.


For daily use, just pull out and extend the drying net and retract when done. To install, just attach our retractable drying rack horizontally above any washer/dryer, counters, laundry table or any tabletop, or from two opposing walls. Your order will include helpful templates and hardware for easy installation.


The Laundranet™ will help make your life easier!! It is the most convenient and compact clothes drying rack available today! Simply attach to two walls above your washer/dryer or bathtub, pull netting out and dry your precious clothes flat!

All components are entirely made from high-quality, durable materials. The strong mesh design allows excellent airflow, resulting in both faster and cleaner air drying. This drying rack is designed specifically so that it will not scratch, stain, or leave marks, so no damage to your delicate clothing.

No more struggling with frustrating drying racks that fall apart, are hard to store and let clothes drip water all over the floor!

No more clothes hanging over chairs, from shower rods, door handles and over the sweaters trying to dry flat on a towel on the dining room table!

The easy-to-use, Retractable Clothes Drying Rack
Convenient & space-efficient!
Protects your delicate, hand-washable items
Includes templates and hardware for easy installation
Laundranet drying rack holds up to 5 pounds of clothing

Our Story

The Laundranet™ was invented by David and Terrie Knell in 2012 to address the needs of drying hand washed clothing in the home. Like many people, Terrie was often frustrated with the messy, inconvenient clothes drying racks that drip water on the floor, are challenging to stay open and find a place to store them at home. She found herself drying her sweaters over chairs or on a towel laid across the dining room table! Not a pretty picture, especially if guests unexpectedly stopped by the house. One day, Terrie had the ‘aha’ moment that there had to be a better way to air dry clothes flat and be easier to use. The idea for the Laundranet was born.

Terrie and her husband, David Knell, were very creative, hard working people but had no experience in producing a product or starting their own business. They found a wonderful networking and entrepreneurial week-long workshop, CEO Space International, that gave them more confidence and lots of connections to slowly move forward with their dream to create a company around their invention. They went through the long process of patenting the Laundranet, working with product engineers to design the mechanics and eventually create an elegant, simple solution to Terrie’s original idea.

Along the way, they were introduced to David Lieberstein, a lifelong entrepreneur and consultant that was inspired by their product and their dream. He joined their vision team and became a partner in 2018, taking on the next steps to complete the working design, locate dependable quality suppliers to produce the Laundranet and introducing our ‘baby’ at major trade shows prior to the launch in early 2020. The rest, as they say, is history! We look forward to sharing our Laundranet with you to enhance your home life!

About the Owners

David and Terrie Knell are both creative inventors, with the Laundranet™ being their first patented product. They connected with David Lieberstein in early 2016, initially to consult on licensing the Laundranet™, then deciding to create their own company. He become a full partner, bringing his 45 years of experience with his own housewares companies, to launch the Laundranet™.

Get your Laundranet™ and make drying your delicate items easy and effortless – no more bulky drying racks that don’t work or take up too much space.

Clever design and serves its purpose well!

This seems to work well! I’m glad I bought it. It opens easily when you pull out the knob and then retracts quickly when you close it back up!

Madge Marley Howell

Helps sweaters dry fast

What a great invention! I'm very pleased to have this installed above my washer and dryer. The device was easy to install and works great. When retracting, it's important to help guide it back. It's much better than laying a sweater on a towel to dry and waiting, waiting, waiting. The mesh allows the air to reach the sweater, so I'm not waiting for days for a sweater to dry.

Paul S.

Great for my sweaters and delicates!

The Laundranet arrived quickly, The instructions were clear. I'm excited to finally have something to dry my sweaters without draping them on a towel across my dining room table. I will also be using the Laundranet to dry my delicate clothes that I machine wash but never put in the dryer. This is a great addition to my home!

Monica E.


Even guys wash sweaters!

I'm a guy who lives in coastal California, thankfully the heat wave ended... but replaced by frigid fog. My sweaters were dirty or wrinkled. I washed two of them and used the Laundrunet to dry them. It was great. No wrinkles and I'm wearing this morning! Great product.

David P.


Great laundry room space saver

Fits in my laundry room and a variety of others, given size flexibility. Good space saver as it retracts when not in use.

Ester G.


Great laundry room space saver

Have you ever wandered through a store like Bed and Bath with the feeling that there is something, some THING, in those aisles that is going to make your life easier? I found one of those things on Amazon--the Laundranet just cleaned up my laundry routine in the best possible way. I love how I can easily spread out so many sweaters and other things that need to hand dry, I love how sturdy and efficient it is, how it is easy to install and use and how it retracts when I'm not using it. Super thoughtfully packaged too--clear instructions.

Andy N.


Strong and Organized

I am pleased with the wall mounted clothing rack. It looks so much neater than the portable one I had over my tub. I installed this one myself, and I'm a 65 year old female, and it was a breeze!

Darlene P.


100% 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Laundranet offers a 60-day risk-free trial. You can return your Laundranet for ANY reason within the 60-days after you have received your order for a full refund if you are not completely satisfied!

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