Retractable Clothes Dryer


1. Where can I install my Laundranet?

Mount your Laundranet between any two opposing walls up to 72” (6 feet) apart. The Laundranet wall unit measures 28” wide and 3” high to fit most spaces.

We suggest installing above your washer/dryer or other convenient location in your laundry room, over a bathtub or shower enclosure, in a hallway or patio area. You can also mount multiple Laundranet units vertically on the wall to increase your drying area.

2. How much weight will the Laundranet hold?

Each Laundranet is designed to hold up to 5 pounds of washed clothing.

3. Can wet clothes be placed on Laundranet?

Yes! For optimal results and quicker drying time, we recommend you wring out your items to remove excess water first.

4. Can I dry sweaters with the Laundranet?

Yes! The Laundranet was designed to dry sweaters flat to avoid creases and bumps from regular folding drying racks or clothes lines.

5. Can I install the Laundranet on drywall, sheetrock or plaster?

Yes, use the included drywall anchors to securely hold the Laundranet mounting screws.

6. Do I need tools to install the Laundranet?

The Laundranet is simple to install using a Phillips screwdriver, hammer and push pins or tape. If you are mounting into wood studs inside the wall, you can start the screw hole with a nail or electric drill.

7. Can I attach the Laundranet in my bathtub area if my walls are tiled?

Yes! While the Laundranet is designed to be mounted on walls that are not tiled, you can attach the Laundranet on tiled surfaces by drilling a hole in the tile. We suggest you use a special tile drill bit in an electric drill and use the included anchors. You might find it easier to drill into the grout between the tiles. The tile drill bit is not included with your Laundranet and can be purchased from your local hardware store. We recommend that you have someone familiar with drilling through tile do the installation to ensure the tile is not damaged.

8. Is the Laundranet washable?

Yes, you can wash the netting as needed. Be sure to keep the wet netting extended to dry before retracting into the housing. (Please note that the netting does not detach from the Laundranet unit, so wash the net carefully with wet cloth or sponge, as needed.)

9. How wide will the Laundranet open?

It will extend up to 72” (6 feet) between two opposing surfaces.

10. Can I use the Laundranet in an RV or Boat?

Yes! Just install between two opposite walls for a compact, effective drying rack.