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Retractable Clothes Drying Rack


Are your clothes hanging YOU out to dry? A revolutionary new way to dry your delicate wearables

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NOVATO, Calif., Nov. 9, 2022

The Laundranet is a patented, compact, retractable clothes drying rack with a 24″ wide net to air dry and support your delicate hand washable clothing and sweaters flat, with no creases.

A revolutionary new way to dry your delicate Clothing

When you hand wash your special, delicate clothes or sweaters, do you use one of those folding drying racks that leaves creases? And… how many times has the rack fallen down, leaving your wet clothes all over the floor, possibly getting dirty again? Or do you try to dry them in the shower, suspended by a coat hanger which stretches them? Have you draped them over a chair or the kitchen table, needing to then clean up a wet mess?

Terrie Knell was having those same, frustrating experiences at home when she came up with a brilliant solution. Terrie designed the Laundranet, a permanently mounted and retractable flat mesh netting clothes drying rack. It easily dries her hand washable, delicate clothing with no more headaches!

The Laundranet is a patented, compact, retractable clothes drying rack with a 24″ wide net to air dry and support your delicate hand washable clothing and sweaters flat, with no creases. It saves space, is compact, easy to install and easy to use. The Laundranet simply attaches to the walls above your washer/dryer, bathtub or any two opposing walls and opens up to to 6 feet across.

No need to use bulky collapsible drying racks in the middle of the room anymore! And the Laundranet works great for any size home, apartment or any living space.

The Laundranet retails for $49.95 and is now available online. More details at

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1. Where can I install my Laundranet™?

Mount your Laundranet™ between any two opposing walls up to 72” (6 feet) apart. The Laundranet™ wall unit measures 28” wide and 3” high to fit most spaces.

We suggest installing above your washer/dryer or other convenient location in your laundry room, over a bathtub or shower enclosure, in a hallway or patio area. You can also mount multiple Laundranet™ units vertically on the wall to increase your drying area.

2. How much weight will the Laundranet™ hold?

Each Laundranet™ is designed to hold up to 5 pounds of washed clothing.

3. Can wet clothes be placed on Laundranet™?

Yes! For optimal results and quicker drying time, we recommend you wring out your items to remove excess water first.

4. Can I dry sweaters with the Laundranet™?

Yes! The Laundranet™ was designed to dry sweaters flat to avoid creases and bumps from regular folding drying racks or clothes lines.

5. Can I install the Laundranet™ on drywall, sheetrock or plaster?

Yes, use the included drywall anchors to securely hold the Laundranet™ mounting screws.

6. Do I need tools to install the Laundranet™?

The Laundranet™ is simple to install using a Phillips screwdriver, hammer and push pins or tape. If you are mounting into wood studs inside the wall, you can start the screw hole with a nail or electric drill.

7. Can I attach the Laundranet™ in my bathtub area if my walls are tiled?

Yes! While the Laundranet™ is designed to be mounted on walls that are not tiled, you can attach the Laundranet™ on tiled or glass surfaces with 3M Extreme Mounting Tape (5 - 10 pound strength, not included) or a similar product to mount your laundranet™ instead of using the supplied mounting hardware.

8. Is the Laundranet™ washable?

Yes, you can wash the netting as needed. Be sure to keep the wet netting extended to dry before retracting into the housing. (Please note that the netting does not detach from the Laundranet™ unit, so wash the net carefully with wet cloth or sponge, as needed.)

9. How wide will the Laundranet™ open?

It will extend up to 72” (6 feet) between two opposing surfaces.

10. Can I use the Laundranet™ in an RV or Boat?

Yes! Just install between two opposite walls for a compact, effective drying rack.

11. How is Laundranet Shipped?

Your Laundranet order will be shipped from Amazon. The package weighs 4 pounds and measures 4” x 4” x 28”.